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Saudi Arabia's Spring: Reform, Modernization, and the Quest for Regional Hegemony

  • Rosewood Hall (Homewood City Hall) 2850 19th Street South Birmingham, AL, 35209 United States (map)


M. H. Elovitz, Ph.D., J.D.

Dr. Elovitz is Director of the Centre For Strategic Geopolitics, a world affairs think tank. Previously, Dr. Elovitz served as a professor of law, a litigator, a government advisor and a U.S. Air Force Officer. Additionally, Dr. Elovitz served in Washington during the Carter and Reagan Administrations as a government advisor on public policy. Dr. Elovitz has testified before the U.S. Congress’ Committee on Foreign Affairs. He has also been a participant in the U.S. Naval War College’s Current Strategy Forum.

Dr. Elovitz has published hundreds of articles. His wide ranging subjects have addressed legal liability, biomedical ethics, American public policy, world affairs and international geopolitics. In addition, Dr. Elovitz has authored a monthly newspaper column which focused on the enhanced delivery of healthcare. He has also been the lively and often provocative anchor/commentator for a weekly World Affairs T.V. show.

Dr. Elovitz has lived in both the Mideast and Europe. He frequently visits many Middle Eastern, South, and Southeast Asian nations. As a United States Air Force Officer, he was liaison to American military stationed throughout Europe, England and Africa. In that capacity, he received the U.S.A.F. Commendation Medal for
“Exemplary Pedagogic Skill."