Celebrating Our 60th Year

60th year pic

The spectacular globalization of our world’s economy during the past decade has been driven, at least in part, by advances made in digital communications. We are living in a digital age. As digital communication technologies have advanced, the world has become smaller. Today from our offices and homes we instantaneously communicate with people and organizations around the world. 

As one of the first organizations of the American Committees on Foreign Relations to have our own website, the Birmingham Committee on Foreign Relations is joining the digital age. I hope you will peruse this site and learn how to use it effectively. We hope to expand this website, make it better and use it as an ongoing tool for communication, education and discussion.

We will welcome all input, comments, suggestions and criticisms as we move forward with the project. Please understand that this beginning effort is a “work-in-progress.” We will refine, improve and strengthen our website as we go forward.

Welcome aboard. Again, we will appreciate all of your comments.